Mini refrigerators have continued to grow in popularity, as people discover the vast number of practical applications for these compact refrigeration units. Whether you need additional cooling and cold storage capacity in your home’s bar, in your garage or family room, at your work site, or simply in your child’s college dorm room, finding the right refrigerator is essential. Mini refrigerator reviews can help in that regard, as they provide you insight into how various units compare in the estimation of other users. As we all know, one of the surest ways to determine a product’s true worth is to research how other consumers have felt about it in the past.

Two of the Best Mini Fridges

Mini Refrigerator ReviewsWhen it comes to mini refrigerator reviews, it is clear from the various reviews available that there are two models that shine brightly in the world of compact cooling devices. They come from two different manufacturers, both of whom have sterling reputations in the appliance marketplace: General Electric and Kenmore. These mini refrigerators have made a big impact on the compact market precisely because of their attention to the finer details of refrigeration use, and their ability to finely tune their specifications to meet the needs of their consumer base. Below are mini refrigerator reviews of models made by both.

The GE Spacemaker

The General Electric Spacemaker is a bright star in most mini refrigerator reviews. With its mid-range size and beautifully designed interior, it is the perfect standalone model for most applications. Its design allows for six cubic feet of storage space, which includes one half foot of freezer storage capacity. That makes the freezer perfect for keeping ice cubes or other small items frozen for long periods of time. While it may not seem like a lot of space for frozen gods, users writing mini refrigerator reviews consistently comment on the overall usefulness of the model and not that one issue.

Best of all, mini refrigerator reviews make it clear that the Spacemaker is a very energy-efficient and cost-effective unit to operate, using on average only about thirty dollars worth of energy during the course of a year! That’s an important factor for every family, particularly in an age where energy costs can suddenly increase without warning. Of course, energy efficiency is not the unit’s only benefit, as its overall design makes it well worth looking at as well. With adjustable shelves, a well-lit interior, and your choice of black or white exteriors, the GE Spacemaker is a gem among compact refrigeration units.

The Kenmore 95872

For a compact refrigerator that is just as well-suited for home use as it is for a college dormitory, the Kenmore 95872 is the ideal choice. Its nearly six cubic feet worth of storage space is more than sufficient for maintaining cold groceries or beverages, and its solid construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of time. Mini refrigerator reviews tend to focus on the useful interior layout, which includes door shelves big enough for large bottles, and drawers for dairy and crisp items. Like the GE model, the Kenmore’s freezer area is just the right size for ice trays or ice cream treats.

Mini refrigerator reviews for a wide variety of other models can be found easily online. The popular consensus among consumers, however, indicates that these two models are among the most respected in the market today. Given the fact that their manufacturers – General Electric and Kenmore – are two of the leaders in appliance manufacturing worldwide, you can purchase either and rest assured that the companies will be there to support their products for many years into the future.