A plasma TV is a large investment and a very important entertainment source for the owners. Plasma TV mounts enable the television to be mounted on the wall for better viewing by all. The mounts also provide a clean, modern look, rather than having the TV on a stand. These slim screens are designed to be mounted on a wall, and when it is done properly, the television is secure and stays in place. When the plasma TV is mounted on the wall, there is no wasted space with a TV stand, and no bothersome wires behind the stand. The mounted TV also eliminated the cumbersome task of trying to clean behind the stand amid multiple wires.


There are some basic ways that a plasma TV can be mounted to the wall. The kind that gives the most motion is a full motion mount. With this style, the TV can move in any direction, thanks to the arms that are attached to the wall and the TV. These mounts are more complicated to install, and they often take two or more people to do the job. With this type, there are many choices of how the screen can be adjusted, depending on where you are sitting in the room. This style is usually the most expensive type for a plasma TV.


Another popular type of mount is a low profile mount. Many of those with ultra-contemporary decors prefer this style of mount because it places the TV very close to the wall for a slim, compact look. The TV is in a stable position with this style, and it cannot be moved in any way. The advantage is that the cables can be hidden behind the wall since it is so close to it. This style is usually the most inexpensive that can be found for a plasma TV.


Another category of mounts that have some flexibility, but not as much as a full motion mount, is a tilting mount. They can be tilted downward, and are good if someone watches TV lying down or sitting on the floor. This style is median range in price.


Another way to mount the TV is with ceiling mounts. Although this method is usually used by businesses, it sometimes works well in homes, especially those with high ceilings. A ceiling mount kit can enable your TV to tilt downward, which helps the viewers in the room see the screen better. Some mounting kits have an arm that allows the screen to be moved to more positions for better viewing.


One of the first things to do when you are ready to mount the television is to be sure to have the proper size mounts for the TV. If it is possible to purchase the mounts when the television is bought, from the same dealer, this is ideal because the size will be the right one for the job. Adjustable mounts can be adjusted to fit TVs of various widths and sizes. The adjustable mounts allow you to upgrade or downsize a future TV without needing to install the entire wall mount again, and this is a real convenience.


A DIY install is possible for the person who is handy at home repair and at jobs around the house, but it will be difficult for someone who has never done these things before. A low profile mount is probably the easiest to install. Mounts must be attached to studs in the wall so that they are stable and secure. It is best to use large screws for extra support. If cables will be placed behind the drywall, a hole will need to be drilled for this purpose.  Finally, mounts are attached to the back of the TV, and the TV is hung on the mount. If the TV is very large and heavy, this is definitely at least a two person job.